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"Making a natural choice for body care is a gift you can give
your body, your environment and your future."

Soaps, lotions, lip balm, Deodorant!, baby products, bath teas
and other items are handmade with natural ingredients.
Do you prefer Unscented?
We have a Plain Jane product line as well as other
Unscented Products.  

Lather Up Canada still delivers to Vernon as well as being available via mail order through this site. Or just email and your order can be taken that way as well.

Mailing cost is $12 from BC to Alberta for up to 500 grams in weight.

Lather Up also attends markets and fairs around the South Okanagan.

Any upcoming markets and fairs will be posted on Facebook 

**New** Throat & Chest Rub in Body & Bath

Check out the Soaps page and choose your favourite scent.
We also have Unscented soaps and other body care.

**We have a Secure Shopping Cart so you can buy with peace of mind.**

Thank you everyone for your continued support for Lather Up Canada.
I am committed to providing the best possible natural, eco-friendly
body care products for you. Have a wonderful, natural day.... Connie

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